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The Orthokeratology Approach To Myopia

Patients with myopia or astigmatism can enjoy clear vision every day without having to wear glasses or contact lenses. With orthokeratology, you can correct your vision while you sleep and enjoy the benefits all day long. To enquire about orthokeratology in Newcastle, make an appointment at For Beautiful Eyes, an optometry practice located in The Junction.

Also known as Ortho-K, orthokeratology involves wearing specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Patients wear these lenses every night while they sleep but can remove them in the morning. While you sleep, the lenses gently reshape your cornea, allowing patients with myopia or astigmatism to see clearly during the day, even after the lenses have been removed.

A glasses-free, surgery-free alternative to clear vision, suitable patients can take advantage of Ortho-K in The Junction by visiting our friendly optometrists. Orthokeratology is ideal for both children and adults with low or mid short-sightedness and astigmatism.

As well as correcting myopia during the day, orthokeratology may also play a role in slowing or stopping myopic progression in some patients. 

Visit Our Consultation In The Junction, Newcastle

To find out if you are suitable for orthokeratology, come and visit our practice in The Junction, Newcastle. Dr David O’Sullivan (Optometrist) and the team would be happy to assist you.

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