Eye Tests

If you are looking to book an eye test in the Junction, the team at For Beautiful Eyes can assist you.

At For Beautiful Eyes, we offer comprehensive eye examinations that will derive the best prescription for you, enabling you to see clearly. Our eye tests also allow us to determine if there are any health conditions affecting your eyes, and whether monitoring or a referral to an ophthalmologist is required.

Communicating relevant findings to your GP is also part of the strategy in achieving the best outcomes for you. If contact lenses are deemed necessary, or you prefer them to spectacles, a separate consultation and assessment will be required.


In some cases, a dilated examination is required to facilitate a better view of the retina (back of the eye) and the posterior chamber. This requires eye drops and may be completed as part of the initial examination or, depending on symptoms, at a subsequent visit. Sunglasses and an alternative driver are recommended following a dilated eye test. Newcastle patients who have questions about their dilated exam can contact our team or talk to their optometrist before the appointment.

To book your next eye test in The Junction, Newcastle, or surrounding areas, call For Beautiful Eyes on (02) 4965 4898 or make an online booking via our contact page. You can also visit our practice on Kenrick Street to chat with our team in person.

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