Prescription & Contact Lenses

Benefit from the latest in lens technology, combined with the latest technology in 3D cameras, with For Beautiful Eyes. Our top of the range free form lenses can be customised to suit your unique vision type.

In order to match you with the ideal lens, we utilise the state-of-the-art ImpressionIST 3 service terminal. Using unique dual camera technology, our ImpressionIST 3 will allow us to produce precisely optimised lenses that will allow you to enjoy the maximum viewing area, both at a distance and close up, with minimal distortion. After taking measurements, including the distance from your pupil to the back of the lens and the horizontal centration of the pupil in the frame, the machine will send data to a German optical lab, where your optimised lens will be expertly manufactured.


Spectacle lenses can be made from either glass or resin. Glass is harder, making it more scratch resistant and heavier. Resin is lighter and tougher making it more impact resistant, it’s softer property makes it more likely to scratch than glass. The refractive index of the lens material is derived by dividing the speed of light through air by the speed of light through the material. The higher the index of the lens the thinner the lens can be made. A lens that might be quite thick in a standard material can be significantly reduced in a higher index.


Lens coatings include anti-scratch, UV absorption, blue light absorption and anti-reflex multicoat. For explanation of the benefits of these coatings speak to our team when you visit For Beautiful Eyes.

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