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For people of all ages, regular optometry appointments are essential for maintaining the best prescription, as well as monitoring for eye-related health conditions.

At For Beautiful Eyes, we are located in the heart of The Junction, approximately a 10-minute drive from New Lambton.

Our team of optometrists near New Lambton are proud to assist children, adults, and the elderly with their eyecare and eyewear requirements. Working in the local area since 1986, we offer a range of attractive frames, advanced contact lenses and professional services.

To speak with our friendly optometrists, New Lambton locals should visit our clinic today or give us a call. Whatever your needs – from regular eye tests to management for eye-related diseases – the team at For Beautiful Eyes would be happy to help.

Top Optometry Services Near New Lambton

At For Beautiful Eyes, we offer a comprehensive range of optometry services for New Lambton locals and patients in the surrounding suburbs.

Our services include thorough eye tests, dilated eye exams, screening for eye-related conditions, and behavioural optometry services for younger patients. With an on-site laboratory, we also offer fast turn around times on comfortable contact lenses. New Lambton locals who want advice on their vision and overall eye health should contact David O’Sullivan and the team today.

Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses regularly, it’s important to monitor your eye health. At For Beautiful Eyes, we can assess your eye health and provide you with comfortable contact lenses near New Lambton.

Eye Tests

Whether it’s contact lenses, fashionable prescription glasses, or just your next appointment, For Beautiful Eyes offers comprehensive eye tests near New Lambton. Monitoring and managing your vision over time, our optometrists will ensure that you always have the best prescription for your needs.

To organise your next eye test near New Lambton, call (02) 4965 4898 or make a booking online.


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